Computer Networking Memo

2.1.2 Processec Communication

  • What communicate with in systems between endpoints are processes, not systems itself. 
  • 'Socket' is used to communicate with two processes and is the Interface between Application Layer and the Transport Layer in OSI 5 Model. 

Recall that a scoket is the interface between the application process and the transport-layer protocol. p.82 

2.1.4  Wath Services Does an Application Need?

  • Many network provides not only one protocol.  
  • We have to choose the protocol in transportation-layer from several protocols when we develop Application-layer services. 
  • In chooseing transport-layer protocol, what services are needed by developping application must be considerated.
  • Application requirements are classfied as data loss, bandwith, and timing.
Data loss ( Reliable Data Transfer,  in other words)

 Applications whose purpose is transfer date requires Relieable Data Transfer.

In contrast, applications such as multimedia application does not require so sensitibly Releiable Data Transfer. The applications like this are called as loss-tolerant application.